Special Screenings

A poem a day keeps the war at bay

20th century Albanian history told through the poetic lens of an outsider. Can we forgive the people who came before us for not doing enough?

Tamara Pavlicevic Bio:

Film director, producer and video artist with short fiction films, documentaries and video installations behind her. Her work often portrays the ways people deal with traumatic experiences. Currently finishing her master studies in film directing, with thesis revolving around depiction of female characters in the horror genre.


Klaudia Pashnjari

Synopsis: A deep bond between man and nature. The meaning of existence. The gift of living on mother earth. The spiritual , physical and mental harmony through the eyes of the person who decided to completely give himself to nature.

Pse Kështu? (Why is it?)

This work as social commentary is tragic and comical at the same time in dealing with traumatic collective memory of Albanians under the totalitarian rule of communist leader Enver Hoxha. As a collage of newsreels and propaganda documentaries of that era, this work is confronting political fantasies and real personal stories with applause interpolation and electronic dance music.

Una Jovovic (montenegro)
Una is 32 years old multimedia artist, who started as photographer and ended up as media archeologist; from still photography of the present time, she is developed as a creative researcher of moving images from the past. With recontextualization and appropriation of the film heritage, she is finding a new way to excavate forgotten footages and reveal fragments of meanings which was hidden from the original audience.